For World Mental Health Day, our team and suppliers from our Baltic View site have been learning about the places they can turn if they need advice and support when it comes to mental health.

An event held today at The Women’s Org in the Baltic Triangle was a great opportunity to take a moment for a brew, a chat and to check in with colleagues away from a busy construction site.

We were pleased to be joined at the event by representatives from Merseyside charity The Open Door, who shared their expertise about the help that’s available. There were tips and techniques on how to help prevent and manage low level mental health issues like anxiety, such as through meditation. There was also advice on where to turn to for someone to talk to about negative thoughts and feelings.

Mental health in the construction sector is a major issue. It’s a shocking fact that suicide is the biggest cause of death in the industry. Through events like these we aim to raise awareness of the support on offer within Crossfield and by other organisations, and spread the message that there’s always someone to talk to.

“The session from The Open Door Centre was great. The techniques and tips on how to recognise some common symptoms of poor mental health were great and the information about the apps that are available to help you relax mentally were really useful. A focus on mental health like this is a really positive idea that should be done a lot more in the Construction Industry, right across the UK. ”
Kyle Harvey
Senior Project Manager at Baltic View
Crossfield Construction

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