4th February 2021 was 'Time to Talk Day', and never has there been a more worthwhile time to touch base with friends, family and colleagues to check in on each other’s wellbeing.

Mental health in the construction industry has alarmingly worrying figures, and it is something we feel very passionate about at Crossfield.

We know that exercising outdoors can have a huge benefit on both our physical and mental health, so at the beginning of this latest lockdown we set all of our staff a ‘Keep Crossfield Moving’ challenge of exercising our way from Liverpool to Tokyo – that’s approximately 6,000 miles or 12,000,000 steps!

Our colleagues can walk, run, cycle, skip, hop or jump as long as they try and do their bit to keep active and to get outdoors when they can! As a business, we will be donating to a number of local charities for every 2,000 miles we achieve.

By the end of week two we find ourselves in Bulgaria – still some way to go, but a fantastic 1400 miles covered as a team so far!

We would like to encourage all of our industry friends and colleagues to do the same. Take a break, get outdoors, talk to someone, and keep moving – we guarantee you’ll feel better for it!

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