We’re lucky to have a great team here at Crossfield. It’s a team we’ve built carefully over the last few years – selecting just the right people to make sure we’ve got just the right personalities, commitment and skills.

So we’d like you to meet them.

Our first willing contestant is James Skinner: trainee site manager at our Prenton Dell site on the Wirral.

How and why did you come to join Crossfield?
It all came about a bit by chance, last year.

I was self-employed and doing some sub-contract work at the Crossfield project at Hunts Cross Health Centre. Scott Sherwood, Contracts Manager at Crossfield noticed my work and was impressed by my attitude to the job, my set up and safety measures.

I’m now in training as an Assistant Site Manager, learning the ropes under Dave Guy, at another Crossfield site, Prenton Dell, where we are building 28 two-bedroom apartments.

Everyone I’ve worked with at Crossfield has been a people person. I have felt welcome and informed: really part of the team.

What’s the best part of your job?
I guess it’s being part of a team, building some impressive structures across various sectors such as commercial, residential including affordable, healthcare and education.

These structures will be used and enjoyed for many years to come hopefully leaving behind a legacy for the Crossfield Group and myself.

How would you spend an ideal day outside of work?
I’d get my children up, fed and go out to a park somewhere run about and find a playground or something fun. Then go to the cinema, Nando’s, even a museum: they like learning new things and I get to show off that I know everything (which, I do).

Then home, play with Lego (more building), dinner and a bedtime story: perhaps The Gruffalo or the Mouse that Roared.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before – personally or professionally?
Personally, I‘d love to go racing or drive a super car for a few hours.

Professionally? Earn enough money to buy that super car.

Ok, realistically, I’d be able to utilise the skills I am gaining at Prenton Dell and run my own site one day.

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