At Crossfield we truly believe that we must play our part, not just in constructing projects, but in supporting young people into the industry via jobs and training opportunities.

We are strong advocates of recruiting apprenticeships and take on young people across different levels within all functions of the business. Our two most recent recruits include a business administration apprentice and a Quantity Surveying degree apprenticeship.

Amy Jones joined Crossfield in early 2018 through Hugh Baird College. She began as our receptionist, then moved around different areas of the business. She has now moved permanently into our accounts team and is soon embarking on an accounts course following completion of her business administration apprenticeship.

Samantha Smith joined us in 2018 as she began her degree in Quantity Surveying at Liverpool John Moores University. She is now under a degree apprenticeship whereby she attends University one day a week and works with Crossfield for the other four days. Samantha has a set career path ahead of her with Crossfield and will leave University debt free with four years of crucially important world of work skills and experience.

“We knew we wanted our contracting partner to provide value above and beyond the physical build and Crossfield very much shared that vision. Crossfield has hosted more than 20 short-term placements on sites across Merseyside over the last 12 months and has taken on an apprentice and a degree apprentice. It’s great to see our partners share our passion for learning and that they are willing to give something back to our students.”
Pat Farrell
Head of Corporate and Capital Development
Hugh Baird College

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