Being Better: People

At Crossfield, it is important that we make the environment a great place for our staff to work. We are fully committed to our staff and go the extra mile to make sure they are the right people for the job, with the right skills, regardless of their background. We strive to be a business fully representative of the communities in which we work.

The construction industry is facing a great skills shortage at present. To address this, we place much emphasis on the training of our people. We give them the opportunities they need to develop, and make them feel a valued member of our team. All staff members have access to various external training courses, as do our supply chain, and this creates a continuous learning culture, giving them opportunities to flourish.

Apprenticeships are a vital part of our business, and we look to actively take them on at different levels. We then focus our time on developing them, and ultimately giving them sustainable employment opportunities within our business.